before you follow.
i talk about khh, kpop, some kdramas, wips/ships/fics, and my current interests.

don't follow if.
you're uncomfortable with or don't want to see real-person shipping and real-person fanfiction.

ults & semi-ults. hongwon, hoya, dongwoo, gond, summer soul, ashmute, lee bada, seori, el rune

and casually listens to. zzuno, onill, young telly, bluewhale, kimnamjin, 웅태공, o5k, syai, h:sean, shoi, tyle, ohiorabbit, nonebart

writing, fic (insp), naps, collecting names & pronouns

current interests.
watching gameplays, some horror games, pokemon, god of war, batman: arkham

currently writing: exchange atudent aus